Simplify your ads.txt management

GoAdstxt is a free tool that helps publishers and resellers to visually manage their ads.txt files.
Control your sellers, improve the validation process and simplify sinergy between publishers and resellers in order to maximize revenue.

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No coding changes

Manage ads.txt files using a visual editor. Avoid the development and deployment cycle.


Control all your ads.txt files at a central place. Bulk update all your ads.txt files with just one click.


Save time and reduce errors with our built-in validator.


Having an up-to-date ads.txt file is essential for publishers looking to lift their revenue. Get started by importing your existing file. Easily authorize sellers and resellers. Manage all your files with a visual editor.

  • Import your existing ads.txt files
  • Manage multiple sites and apps
  • Configure redirects and forget about manually upload your ads.txt files
  • Authorize resellers to add new records to your files
  • Bulk upload new ads.txt records
  • Built-in validation


Manage multiple publishers and keep their ads.txt files up-to-date could be a messy. Simplify with GoAdstxt, manage multiple publishers and push changes with just a few clicks.

  • Automatically push ads.txt updates to your publishers
  • Manage multiple publishers and sites in an intuitive way
  • Automatically add predefined records to your new publishers sites'
  • Attach new records to multiple sites in just one click
  • Import your existing ads.txt files
  • Built-in validation

Streamline your ads.txt updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managing and updating ads.txt for multiple web sites can be a tedious and slow process. GoAdstxt simplifies your ads.txt management workflow to monetize more across all your partners.
Ads.txt is a file standard created by IAB to prevent ad fraud. Publishers keep a copy of ads.txt listing all the supply parters who are authorised to re-sell their ad inventory.
Any publisher selling programming ads and also resellers who work with multiple publishers. GoAdstxt supports both use cases.
You can create a free account following the sign up link.
Yes. GoAdstxt is a completely free tool that will help you manage your ads.txt files across multiple domains.
GoAdstxt is supported by e-planning, an SSP which monetizes the inventory of thousands of publishers. As delays in ads.txt updates generate revenue losses for our publishers, we decided to develop GoAdstxt to streamline the update process.
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